In the office: Chiropractic Treatments

Chiropractic Doctor Lisa Leary is an expert in the specialty of Functional Assessment. By utilizing this unique physical diagnostic system, Dr. Lisa is able to accurately determine which neurological patterns of movement have been at the root of your aches and pains, preventing you from getting better using traditional approaches. These dysfunctional movement patterns develop throughout your lifetime, predisposing you to specific injuries and conditions, which when identified early, can even be prevented. Incredibly specific chiropractic adjustments realign the segments of the spine and other skeletal joints of the body, allowing for your nervous system to properly regulate your function. When combined with highly effective physical rehabilitation programs, Dr. Lisa helps your body to achieve long lasting structural changes! A healthy body is a body that functions well, feels good, and enjoys a long and active life.

As a holistic healthcare practitioner, Dr. Lisa is skilled at assessing an individual for sources of disease and illness throughout the body. Dr. Lisa is an expert in whole food and live nutrition, herbal supplementation, natural and homeopathic remedies. She is especially passionate about bringing this information to the aging population, and to those patients already experiencing inflammatory or systemic conditions. Plus, she is always enthusiastic about assisting you on your weight loss and lifestyle changing journeys!

In the Community

Dr. Lisa’s mission is to educate the people of Long Beach on the importance of natural, holistic health, wellness and fitness as a preventative and curative lifestyle.

She aims to educate and empower you to become an active participant in the role of your health! Dr. Lisa is often found speaking in the community, volunteering as an activist, and as a medic, supporting our local teams!

Recent community efforts and events include:

  • Long Beach Losers, 8 Week Weight-Loss Challenge
  • Long Beach Turkey Trot
  • Run Seal Beach
  • SoCal Juniors Volleyball Club
  • Bellflower High School Football
  • The Chronic Pain Center at Saban’s Venice Family Clinic
  • The Wellness Center at Being Alive! in West Hollywood
  • The Dream Center of Silverlake

Through her education

As a young gymnast and dancer, her love of fitness and health flourished. Dr. Lisa began making her lifelong dream of becoming a doctor a reality in high school, when she attended a prestigious five-star magnet program for future pre-medical students. This would become the foundation of her extensive award-winning medical and chiropractic educational experience, culminating with her graduation from Cleveland Chiropractic of Los Angeles in 2011.

Dr. Lisa has worked with top thinkers in her field:

  • The founder of Motion Palpation, Canadian Chiropractor & researcher, Dr. Leonard J. Faye, D.C.
  • Trained under the mentee of Functional Assessment specialist, Dr. Vladamir Janda
  • USC Athletic Trainers and Physical Medicine experts
  • Loyola Marymount University Certified Yoga Therapy Department


…you can catch Dr. Lisa making the most of Long Beach’s outdoor parks and activities. Yoga on the Bluff, Signal Hill hikes, running along Alamitos Beach, kayaking through the Canals, playing frisbee in Bixby Park with her rescue pup, and skiing the SoCal slopes are among her favorite ways to spend the day!